Autumn Cream Veneer are very useful product to use in different type of application like it can be used as wall paper for interior also in bathroom, office and home interior in many ways.

It can be used as real stone for furniture like chair, door etc. This product gives you freedom to do it your self as this has to stick with glue only.

Autumn Cream Veneer is produced by taking thin layers of natural stone that have been split from the surface of a large slab. These thin layers are then fused onto a flexible fibre glass backing using special innovative technology to create the final product.

600x300mm   1220x610mm   2440x1220mm


Perfect dimensions
Highly flexible
Weather proof
Unique colors

Various patterns
High demand
Appealing look
Scratch free
Easy to clean


Furniture Industry, Cabinet Doors, Table Tops, Contract Furniture
Interior Architecture, Reception Desks, Corporate Walls, Ceilings
Building Industry, Wall-covering Inside, Flooring
Vehicles, Ships, Air Craft Interior, Automotive Interior, Yacht Interiors
Trade Show Exhibits